The charm of real stone, used in architecture since ancient times, comes to the Icon range. The rich graphics of this series, which combines idyllic rusticity and elegance, is developed thanks to a well-selected mix of stones such as Travertine crosscut Rapolano, Siena and Dakota stone. The surface is carefully treated, to achieve a perfect balance of softness and naturalness of marble.
The additional advantage of the Icon range, on top of the choice of 16 different surfaces for each colour, is the multi-format which makes it suitable for a wide range of environments.  Flooring in glazed porcelain stoneware is presented for each colour in 5 formats:  60x60 rectified, 30x60 rectified, 9,6x29,9 rectifid, 40x80 rectified, hexagonal side 20 and completed by hexagonal and 5x5 mosaics.