The classical grandeur of marble lives in the “ceramic marbles by Paul&Co”, re-interpreted in a trendier style featuring luxuriously elegant or minimal chic solutions. A style where beauty is unchanged in time, like the material it is inspired by.
Thanks to the innovative ink-jet productive process, the esthetic features of the “ceramic marbles” from the Royal series by Paul&Co accurately reflect the original material as for definition and graphical variableness and for the light shade difference that are intrinsic in the natural stone. Wall tiles are in white body, while floor tiles in glazed porcelain stoneware.
The elegant essentiality of Carrara with Nero Marquina, the classical marked beauty of Marfil and Carrara with Verde Alpi, the delicate refinement of Biancone with Rosa Perlino, the fresh topicality of Carrara marble with Azul Macauba and the class of Travertino with Travertino Scabas are the suggested combinations from the range of nine colours forming the Royal series and best enhancing them; yet, they can be used as most suitably to the personal living choice even individually. The wall tile brightness and shine are embellished by decorations with lustres, gold, platinum, metals and SWAROVSkI ELEMENTSset in the decoration with a special technique to ensure their duration. Floor tiles are made with a satin finish contrasting the glossy
wall tiles, still with the same graphical and chromatic features.

Plain Tiles 25x60

Decors Capitonné

Decors Damasco

Decors Royal



Pavimenti Coordinati | 33,3x33,3